Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Memories of green

Just got back from a few days in the Lake District of that north of England. Myself and Snorkey were scouting out the locations we'd identified for our 2012 Photography Workshop around the village of Coniston.
And despite the expected inclement bursts of weather, between us, bagged some excellent landscape shots and pretty much satisfied ourselves that this location would do our clients proud. You can look at my shots here:
and I'll be featuring one or two on our f22 website when we get it revamped (vey furry soon). The area was just as I'd remembered it when I spent my youth Backpacking around the Lakes way back in the late 70's to mid eighties - but with more tourists I think. Then again memory is not a reliable source of accurate information but Tarn Hows back then was a quiet little backwater with very few people even in high Summer season.
No unusual experiences were experienced during our two nights camp at Coniston apart from some gusty winds that were quite odd in the fact that you could hear the gusts coming. I put that down to some topographical anomaly. I'd never been to Coniston itself before but I found it to be a unfussy, working village with the Black Bull as the standout watering hole of choice with its low black beams, ancient fireplaces and warm welcoming staff, not to mention the fine selection of local ales that would make any Aleman de la beard proud and drably. Not the kind of Pub you'd find Bjork sipping obscure Vodka in. And finally, this blog is not just going to focus on Photography, although that will be a central theme, but it will cover the world of Snipps Whispers - and just to back that up the next post will be very different….Dooods.


  1. Great blog Phil, got some geat memories of camping on a farm just outside Hawkshead village, swimming in Tarn Hows, hiking, staggering back to camp in the pitch black after a night in the pub, great times, keep up the good work, Mick.

  2. Cheers Mick, really appreciate your comment - we were there and that's part of what this blog is all about. There'll be more stuff about our crazy camping times yet to come.